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Was Dracula Real? How authority, authorship and made up stories continue to make news from something that doesn’t exist.

I’m not a Dracula expert, but I am in the loop of a small group of scholarly vampire enthusiasts and as a PhD candidate in literature, I also know quite a bit about textual readings and the limits of interpretation. [...]

September 3, 2014 Book reviews, Romania


A decade ago I thought the vampire craze was dying down. But then we had Twilight, The Vampire Diaries, True Blood, Vampire Academy, Johnny Depp’s Dark Shadows, the artsy vampire flick Only Lovers Left Alive, Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, Byzantium [...]

July 20, 2014 Book reviews, Romania

An open letter to the Romanian Federation of Tourism and Service Employers

Romania has an image problem. In the West, people associate Romania with the region known as Transylvania – which conjures up an image of misty forests, supernatural creatures, ancient castles, horse-drawn carriages and of course, vampires. But despite the hysteria [...]

July 20, 2014 Book reviews, Romania