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Seeking admin! Want to explode your platform and network with other paranormal romance authors? I’m seeking someone to take over this site, which will include light admin work and posting content to Twitter and Facebook. In exchange you get a featured author page and book link on the sidebar.

Calling all Paranormal Romance and Urbane Fantasy authors!

I want to turn this site into a place indie authors can get free book marketing support; and I want to make it as easy and painless as possible. So I built this page with three simple content ideas: all you have to do is fill out the form(s) and I’ll do the rest.

You’ll get a stylish by-line at the bottom of your post, with links to your own website or social media profiles. Genre-based, community websites like this are MUCH more powerful than one-author blogs; together we can create much more keyword specific content, which will bring in more traffic and new readers: “a rising tide lifts all boats!”

We’re especially interested in posting book reviews to support indie authors; luckily, posting book reviews of other books in your genre is free and easy book marketing you can do again and again. (Go ahead: get out your Kindle, see what you’ve been reading recently, and post a couple paragraphs about it here. The more books you review, the more links and visibility you get for your own books).

I recommend you take advantage of all three options; that why I can link the guest post and book reviews to your author interview. If you want to post lots of book reviews, and be a book marketing superstar, and sell lots of your own books and grow your platform quickly, contact me directly and I’ll make you an admin so you can post your own content.

Option One: Guest Posts

All topics related to PN romance, romance in general, supernatural/fantasy, or YA literature. Focus on something useful or interesting that you’re passionate about (but that’s not just about yourself or your writing process – unless it’s super helpful for other writers).

Try to imagine what YA SP romance readers are interested in and searching for…

Also keep an eye out on Google, Facebook or Twitter for trending topics; articles don’t have to be long – sometimes a timely, short comment on a trending issue can be very successful. If there’s a conversation going on, post an “expert roundup” with links to the different viewpoints.

Don’t shy away from pop culture stuff, like comments on popular TV shows or movies.

(Just copy and past your full article into the text box below).

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Option Two: Book Reviews

You can review any books or movies related to paranormal romance (including alien, superhero, vampire, werewolf, ghost, zombie, monster, etc.) If you’re posting reviews to promote your own books, “lists” are a great way to find new readers (for example, “7 awesome new vampire novellas” or “21 beautiful supernatural fantasy book cover designs”. You can review bestselling, traditionally published books or indie books – reviews should be kind and fair, but also genuine and reader-focused (don’t sugar coat things to spare authors feelings: consider the readers first).

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